If you wish to move Mountains
tomorrow, you must start by
lifting Stones today

African Proverb

The Mutea Story


As a child growing up in the Southern Suburbs of Johannesburg, my Oupa, who was a huge influence in my life,  was given a very strange Mushroom from a colleague of his on the Copperbelt in Mufulira, Zambia, which he managed to bring with him on his journey the city of Gold in the early 1960’s. Not having the internet, there was very little information on this Mushroom. He would feed the Mushroom steeped black tea and sugar. We had no idea what the Mushroom was or even what it was called but my Oupa and Ouma drank the fermented tea from it every single day of their lives for the next 30 years as it helped rid my Oupa of his terrible chronic bladder infection which he suffered from and my Ouma of her cronic joint pain which she suffered from.  

The golden liquid produced from this Mushroom was known in the household as Oupas' MUTI , and it was very precious but as kids we would sometimes get into his stash and pretend it was Gummy Berry juice, taking little shots and bounce around like Gummy Bears (Showing my age here abit).

Unfortunately when my Oupa went on a trip back home to Scotland, fearing that the Mushroom would die if it was left unattended so long, he decided to freeze it and when he returned it was dead.

That was the end of our MUTI supply.

Fast track 25 years later and during my Moms ever ongoing search for healthy gut remedies she came across a bottle of KOMBUCHA , and the first sip of this carbonated golden liquid took her back decades to the days when my Oupas' MUTI flowed through the Hunter Household. Since no-one in the family could remember my Oupas recipe we had to use trial and error as well as the help of the internet and fellow KOMBUCHA brewers , testing recipes and experimenting with different ferments and teas for years in order to make the great tasting high quality Raw KOMBUCHA that we remember as children growing up in the South of Johannesburg and that would bring about the KOMBUCHA Revolution which is bound to leave South Africans rejuvenated, energised, detoxed and ready to take on daily challenges.

While we were spending time developing the recipes we also spent countless hours studying the SCOBY, poking it, dissecting it, dehydrating it, freezing it, observing its texture and watching how it grows on top of a batch of sweetened tea & noticed how it stretches down its "tentacles"  into the sweetened tea in order to work its glorious magic into the Kombucha ; this visualisation reminded us of a Squid floating in the ocean.

To us it was like watching a Squid make our Muti from Tea and this was the journey that borne the name The MUTEA SQUID Brewing Co.

Every bottle made at MSBC is handcrafted in small batch's and fermented in glass vats with the finest ingredients and utmost love. Our glass fermentation vats are small enough to be carried by one person which attributes to our amazing flavour and makes our Jozi brewed Kombucha one of the most uniquely brewed Kombuchas in South Africa.

Mutea Squid Kombucha is a labour of love and you can taste it

You have not had Kombucha till you have tried our Signature flavour Kombucha. 

Darian Wait - MSBC Founder & Master Squid Wrangler