Katlehong Project

During our constant efforts to get every South African to try our Gut Health-restoring Signature Kombucha we came across a interesting article written by Heather Mason @2summers about a very Entrepreneurial gent, named Bongani, who runs many business ventures, one of which was very interesting to us. Bongani not only owns one of the most famous Spaza shops in Katlehong ( Which is a large Township in the South-East of Johannesburg ) Called African Accent , Located at 134 Mngadi Section, Katlehong but in an attempt to create jobs for the people in Katlehong he has assembled a team of very capable and energetic youths who cycle around to the Spaza shops and households in order to supply them with products.
This brilliant initiative has attracted some big brands like Lucazade and Mentos and provided income to, currently, 7 gents, who would otherwise would have no income.
Mutea Squid Kombucha met with Bongani and we found instant synergy between African Accents' vision and Mutea Squid Kombuchas' mission.
 The key aspect of jobs creation within African Accent is the bicycle, which the youths use in order to transport the goods to the Spaza shops and households everyday. According to Bongani there are over 1400 Spaza shops in Katlehong and
One bicycle equals One Job.