Why Us ?

The Mutea Squid Brewing Co. is a Joburg based artisan fermentary that was established in 2016 to supply the South African market with this Ancient recipe Tea known as Kombucha but what makes us different from most South African Kombucha brewers is that we pride ourselves in using age old methods sourcing the best quality ingredients and the highest quality implementation using a small batch glass fermentation systems.

Putting together our passion for Kombucha and ambition to deliver the Best Tasting Highly Probiotic Kombucha throughout South Africa, makes The Mutea Squid Brewing Co. an exciting endeavor.

Not all Kombucha is the same and every bottle of Mutea Squid Kombucha is handcrafted in small batch's and fermented in glass vats with the finest ingredients and utmost love. Our glass fermentation vats are small enough to be carried by one person which attributes to our amazing flavour and makes our Jozi brewed Kombucha one of the most uniquely brewed Kombuchas in South Africa.

Mutea Squid Kombucha is a labour of love and you can taste it

You have not had Kombucha till you have tried our Signature flavour Kombucha.




Please note our products contain sediment and a Bio-film called a "probiotic cellulose" will form in all our bottles ( this is a true sign of Raw and Organic Kombucha ) this is a very health part of the beverage and we encourage people to drink it with the Kombucha. If you are drinking Kombucha that does not have a probiotic cellulose then chances are that Kombucha does not contain live probiotics and does not carry the benefits of Kombucha.